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Education, Inspiration and Honesty

The mission of CBD Best Review is to provide you, the consumer, with honest and accurate product reviews and education about CBD that will both inspire and educate.

With the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), the number of startup companies providing hemp-based products is genuinely staggering. Every day, dozens of new online retailers enter the marketplace, all eager to make their mark in the CBD industry.

There are hundreds of companies you can purchase high-quality CBD from, and just as many that engage in deceptive and questionable practices. Because the CBD industry is so new, there is a gap between this exponential growth and the development of standards and regulations that would provide consistency and transparency across these rapidly expanding enterprises. 

Our goal is to bridge this gap by providing clarity and understanding to consumers who may be perplexed with so many choices.

Misinformation and bias abound in the uncharted waters of what many have referred to as the “New Wild West” of the medical cannabis sector. The many health benefits of CBD (including the fact that the compound is nonpsychoactive) get lost in the sheer amount of noise and lack of education surrounding this exceptional natural remedy.

We intend to provide precise, science-based information that is easy to understand to help you make the best choices for your health and well-being.

How Do We Determine Which CBD Companies Are the Best?

While developing CBD Best Reviews, our intention was to create a clear standard of excellence for all of the companies we represent. With the CBD industry lacking precise standardization, it became apparent that we would need to impart some measurable ways to ensure that each retailer we approached had safety, integrity, and transparency as the primary goals of their respective operations.

Our five-point rating system was carefully chosen after intense team deliberation. We wanted to ensure that we covered the most critical attributes needed among our preferred brands. As such, we devised an extensive rating system which we believe to be the most comprehensive in the industry it includes:

  • The Source and Quality of Hemp
  • Extraction and Manufacturing Methods
  • Third Party Lab Testing and Transparency
  • Customer Support
  • User Experience

These five essential attributes are calculated several times before we come to a decision on rating, and we continuously reevaluate for improvements in each category. We find our guidelines serve as an excellent gauge that methodically evaluates the companies we work with to maintain a standard of excellence that is unsurpassed among other review sites. 

For a deeper understanding of how we rate CBD brands and products, please refer to Our Ranking page.

CBD Best Review Disclaimer:

Our website provides general information about cannabinoids that should not be construed as medical advice. We are not health professionals, and any information provided herein is given “as is” without guarantees, promises, medical claims, or warranties of any kind. The health information contained within these pages should not be relied upon as an alternative to professional medical advice. If you are suffering from any condition, please seek out a licensed practitioner. You should not delay seeking medical attention or help, nor should you discontinue your current medications or treatments because of the information you read on our website. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the information we provide. The products we promote are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.