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CBD Vape For Beginners

Beginner’s Guide to Vaping CBD Oil

Modified Date: January 28, 2021

While there are numerous convenient methods of taking CBD, vaping has emerged as one of the most plausible ones because of how it provides quick and convenient relief. Rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs, it has become a popular option when time is of the essence.

While the convenience of vaping CBD is no secret, getting started with the process can be a bit of a learning curve for people who are inexperienced to vaping. Choosing between the different types of vape products, devices, and then understanding the components involved can be a challenge.

Additionally, many stores and dispensaries will take advantage of the limited knowledge that consumers have in this regard and sell them over-priced CBD e-liquids or equipment.  Not only may the products be overpriced, but the quality may also be substandard. The consequences of this range from wasting your money to a product that can actually make you sick.

Knowing the situation that most consumers find themselves in when they first start vaping with CBD, we have compiled a guide to help you out. It is best that you have some basic knowledge of CBD vaping and the pros and cons before you go and buy the actual components involved. This article will help you sort out any confusion you may have.

What Makes Vaping CBD So Popular?

The allure of vaping lies in its fast onset time.  Oils and other ingestible forms of CBD can take up to 30 minutes or more to move into your bloodstream. This delay can be off-putting, especially if you have a situation that needs to be dealt with immediately, such as quick pain relief.

For conditions like severe chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures, waiting for 30 minutes or more isn’t always the best option. Such patients might require an immediate and fast-acting dose of CBD. In this way, vaping is ideal.  It is also discreet and portable, so it is easy to utilize in a public place.

Potential Health Concerns

Since this is a complete guide on vape usage for CBD, it would be inappropriate for us not to mention the potential health risks inerrant with vaping. A very small percentage of users experienced adverse effects because they are allergic to the chemicals present inside of the vape oils. To avoid this, look for vape products produced without chemical additives.

Some cheap commercially available vapes also have dangerous contaminants like metal particulate inside of the mixture. This is particularly true for products found at gas stations and head shops.  Similar to the risks associated with electronic cigarettes (minus the tobacco) the long term effects of vaping CBD are unknown, and it goes without saying that vape products are for adults only.

Know Your CBD Vaping Equipment

Now that we have a basic introduction on vaping and why it may be a preferred form of consuming CBD for some people,  we can further explain the equipment and products involved in vaping.

A CBD vaporizer is an interesting device, and to understand how it works, you need to know the parts involved within it. The four basic components of all vaporizers are a battery, a chamber for holding the material you’re going to vape, a mouthpiece, and a heating element.

The heating element inside the device is responsible for vaporizing whatever material is placed within the chamber.  It helps you to inhale the vapors through your mouthpiece at the top.

There are two somewhat distinct types of vape devices available in the market for vaping CBD:

The first type of vape is the pre-filled pen-style vape, commonly used with concentrates. Such vapes usually come with a metal heating coil placed at the bottom of the chamber. This coil holds the CBD isolates and is responsible for vaporizing them for you to smoke.

CBD Vape Oil Disposable

However, the underlying problem with vape pens is that you might be required to replace your coil periodically. The coil can burn out quickly, so if you plan to do a lot of vaping, pens can get costly.

The second and more popular type of vaporizer is the one that we have so popularly associated with the billowing air of smoke that we see in videos. These vapes are known as ‘tank-style’, because of the presence of a tank to store the e-liquid.

CBD Vape Oil Tank

The tanks are usually filled with a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, CBD and flavorings. Cotton is conveniently wrapped around the heating coil inside to absorb all of the e-liquids from the coils.

Tank styled vapes usually come in two types; a refillable tank and a disposable tank. The disposable types are inexpensive but may be made out of cheap, substandard materials. The coil can quickly burn up in these systems.

If you are planning on vaping regularly, you may want to choose to use a refillable tank. This allows you to maintain full control of the whole process.  You can check the chemicals, and also be assured of the quality of the components involved.

What CBD Products Can Be Vaped?

There are numerous pre-made CBD liquids on the market, and all of these have different flavors of their own. It is, however, to be noted that you should only vape CBD products that you know are intended to be used through vaporization. Not all the CBD oil products are made to be inhaled in the form of smoke. This step is critical because failure to comply with it can be unhealthy and even dangerous.

CBD e-liquids (sometimes called e-juice or vape juice) come with additional flavors that augment the taste of the substance itself to make for a varied experience. You can find nearly any flavor you want for vaping CBD oil.

Can I Vape the CBD Oil Sublingual Drops?

The most common questions we get asked is: “Can I vape CBD oil drops or tinctures?” The answer is NO. The reason is because CBD oil drops or tinctures are formulated to be taken only sublingually. If you will try to vape them, the carrier oil they contain can harm your lungs. 

How Do I Find A Vape Pen That’s Right For Me?

We have compiled a dedicated post which recommends the best CBD vape oil products based on quality, price and brand popularity.

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