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CBD Valentines Day

Best CBD Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Modified Date: January 3, 2021

As we are approaching Valentine’s Day, we are all wondering what would be the perfect gift for such a special day. We could think of nothing better than CBD products that could make a special night more pleasurable and exotic.

While CBD is found today in numerous types of products; its recent entrance into the erotic market, seems to be drawing the attention of those looking for innovation and new excitements.


The Perfect Massage Oil by Mana Artisan Botanics

When imagining a perfect night with your lover, we first and foremost recommend trying the amazing CBD massage oils out there. You could find a great variety of them, with different scents and intensities. Use them to massage your lover and get the night rolling.

CBD Massage Oil

Pamper your partner this Valentine’s Day with a Mana Artisan Botanics CBD massage oil. This 600mg CBD massage oil contains soothing ingredients like organic MCT coconut oil infused with phytocannabinoid-rich organic hemp and vitamin e oil. The non-greasy and lightweight formula won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily when you are finished.

Price: $110


Aromatherapy CBD Candle By CBD Live Natural

Another great product, which could make this moment so special, are the wonderful CBD candles. Lit your night with a magical candle and have CBD scents fill your room. Have the light and scent relax your body and soul, and get you into that loving mood.

CBD Candle

CBD Live Natural CBD Candle is the perfect gift to make Valentines a truly relaxing and calming day. It includes 100MG Pure CBD oil (THC Free) and its available in 6 scents. 

Price: $19.99


CBD Intimacy Lubricant By Foria

Foria Intimacy Lubricant

And last but totally not least, use CBD lubrication products while making love to your partner. While scientifically it is not clear how CBD lubrication products effect our bodies, numerous clients have been reporting that CBD lubs have been intensifying their sexual arousement. Additionally, due to the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD, various women who usually suffer from local pain, have testified that CBD lubs have reduced dramatically their pain, and therefore increased their pleasure.

Created for both men and women, the Foria Intimacy Lubricant is just the thing to your partner’s sensation. 

Price: $50.00



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