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CBDPure Brand Review

CBDPure is based out of Colorado, U.S. and prides itself on employment of  local farmers to grow its organic hemp. The company boasts a modest array of products that specialize in superior tinctures and creams.

Although they are a relatively newer brand, CBDPure is sure to rattle the markets in coming months. All their oils are made completely free of any artificial additives and is reflective of the products quality. Furthermore, the natural cannabinoids and terpenes help support your daily health. 

What We Like?

Full Spectrum: This product allows for users to enjoy the fuller extent of the cannabis plant. These natural compounds include omega acids 3 and 6. As well as terpenes, which are essentially the oils that naturally flavor in hemp. However, users will never get psychoactive high. This is because the company adheres to the Federal cannabis regulation, which keeps all THC levels at or below .3% Meaning, all of CBDPure’s products are safe and legal to consume in all 50 of the United States.

Money Back Guarantee: You just do not see guaranteed products like this on the market anymore. It does not get much better than this. If you as a consumer are not satisfied with what CBDPure has to offer, simply contact them. They offer a total 90 day window where you can get your money back!

Negative Thoughts

Online presence: CBDPure is still in it’s infancy or at least as far as anyone can tell online. Their dismal internet recognition makes finding this product a challenge. 


CBDPure CBD Oil Review

CBDPure CBD Oils

CBDPure offers range of Oils. The 300mg is an ideal product for someone who is just getting involved with CBD. Especially for those seeking a more economically sound way to test holistic medicines, as this product is priced modestly below $30.

CBDPure CBD oil can be used for symptoms of moderate anxiety, pain or insomnia. However, it can still be used for your general health and wellness too.

Using this product as directed, users should get about a month’s use out of it. With each full dropper being about 20mg or two doses. That’s only about a dollar a day to have elite CBD oil for the whole month!

Furthermore, CBDPure’s rich amber colored oil is characteristic of its quality extraction process. CO2 extraction is deemed the safest and most standard form for CBD oil on the market. Thus, solidifying the legitimacy of what this product has to offer.

Our experience: We ultimately decided to try CBDPure’s oil to ease symptoms of insomnia. After trying melatonin and other sleep aids, the result was almost always the same. We would get a heavy sleep, yet wake up groggy and unenergized in the morning. This is especially problematic for demanding lifestyles. Caffeine only goes so far to restore energy levels, but that is only after the fact of waking up unrested.

So, we decided to change our approach and give CBDPure’s 300mg Hemp Oil a try. Starting with 10mg doses nightly (about 30 minutes before bed), the results began to show after only a short day or two. Upon administering the tincture, there was no heavy sedative sensation like with pills or syrups.

However, we felt noticeably more relaxed and comfortable with my surroundings. The results can be felt more reactive than proactive. Meaning, you feel CBD’s effects in the morning. For example: after taking the 10mg nightly dose for a week, we actually began waking up earlier than usual. Feeling more energized, with less sleep.

Simultaneously increasing the quality and decreasing the quantity of sleep can work wonders. Eventually, you begin to realize that sleeping well gives at least an extra hour of freedom in your day. Frankly, there are no other sleep aids on the market that provide that result.

Available CBD concentrations: 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg of CBD bottles.

Price: $29.99 (300mg), $54.99 (600mg) and $79.99 (1000mg).


CBDPure CBD Softgels Review

CBDPure Softgels

Highlights: Made with full-spectrum hemp extract. Each serving of CBDPure Softgels delivers 25 mg of CBD in an easy to swallow softgel. Each bottle contains 30 softgels. This product is backed by a 90 day Money Back Guarantee.

Price: $89.99


CBDPure CBD For Pet Review

CBD for Pets

CBDPure 100 milligrams CBD Pet Oil is great for hyperactive puppies or easily excited kanines. It works especially well for situations that prompt fireworks or thunderstorms. Furthermore, you will not have to dig too deep in your pockets to get your hands on some CBD Pet oil.

CBDPure’s oil is known for its deep yellow color, which showcases the superior CO2 extraction process. This is seen as the safest and purest form of extraction  for CBD oil on the market. Further, boosting the credibility of this already reputable brand.

With prices starting as low as $24.99, getting peace and quiet is just a click away. In regards to administering doses, each dropper is filled with approximately 1.6mg of CBD. This is seen as the standard starting dose for dogs. However, all dogs are different as it pertains to breed and weight.

Obviously it is a tad harder to monitor animal reactions to CBD than our own bodies. So, it is best to start slow to monitor the effects and go from there.

Our experience: Honestly, the thought of getting CBD for a pet never crossed our mind beforehand. We are proud owner of a pug/chihuahua mix. However, the combination of those two breeds can make one dramatic dog. Anything from car rides, thunderstorms or even just general excitement can prompt excessive noise from my furry friend.

Eventually, as patient as pet owners are, there comes a point in time when we run out of options to counter an animal’s anxiety. Communication and head pats only go so far. Dogs, like humans, have endocannabinoid receptors. These are the innate neurological features that allow most mammals to realize the effects of cannabinoids like CBD.

So right before starting a 30 minute drive for my dog’s annual veterinary vaccinations, we administered 2 doses or about 3mg of CBD. At first, we did not notice much, because we were not sure what to even expect. Of course, upon entering the car, the familiar whining began.

However, after about 5 or so minutes the noise level dropped. At first we thought our dog would be asleep, but he was just sitting in a docile manner with his eyes open. Even with traffic, the back 25 minutes of that ride was rather peaceful.

In regards to frequency of administering pet CBD, we would only recommend this on a need based system. Of course if your pet has pre-existing condition then dosing is subject to change. If you are unsure about if CBD is even an option for your pet, consult with a cannabis friendly veterinarian to explore opportunities.

Price: $24.99


CBDPure Muscle & Joints Cream Review

CBDPure Cream

Our experience: We first started using CBDPure Muscle and Joint formula after experiencing some severe exercise induced inflammation. When we used to swim competitively, we would often feel extremely fatigued and sore after hours of intense anaerobic exercise.

Our muscles were extremely tight and sometimes it was even a struggle to get a full range of motion in my shoulders. We had resorted to painkillers such as aspirin. However, after months of taking the pill, We began to have the worst stomach cramps that completely debilitated me.

We turned to CBDPure’s formula to try relief from another source and have not looked back since. It truly cannot get much easier than applying the topical to the affected area and feeling that instant relief. The ultra fast absorption gives you the power to take back the day, moving freely without pain.

The rapid absorption from the 250mg CBD cream can be felt in a matter of only two or three minutes. With quality ingredients, including cooling menthol, you will only need to apply a small bean sized serving to feel relief for hours! With one 3-ounce tube starting at $39.99, this medicinal strength cream is a stand out on store shelves. It uses range from joint stiffness to virtually any bodily inflammation.

Price: $39.99


Final Thoughts

Although small in internet presence and brand recognition, CBDPure provides a “knockout” product that is both affordable and effective. Even though the product line is small as of now, their specialization surely makes the company stand out from competitors. Backed with their 90 day money back guarantee, there really is no reason to not try CBDPure today!