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GemmaCert Brand Review

GemmaCert is an innovative technology company, which developed a smart solution for testing cannabis potency. Unlike other solutions their solution is simple to use and requires no specific skill-set for operation.

Co-founded in 2015 the company has developed a home kit to test the active ingredients content and cannabinoid levels of a flower bud. The apparatus enables hemp and cannabis farmers, shops, labs, and home users to test and verify the composition and potency of CBD and THC in various flowers. The results are quickly delivered to a smartphone application and can easily accessed and compared.

GemmaCert scientific studies indicate that there is a significant deviation between labelled and measured cannabidiol (CBD) potency on commercially available products. Therefore they have developed this device, to enable producers, distributors and users to have full transparency of their products’ properties.

GemmaCert Product Review

GemmaCert Product

GemmaCert is a smart solution for testing cannabis and hemp potency, easy to use, over-the-air updates deliver better performance and new analytical capabilities to your GemmaCert device, CE & ROHS compliant, results in under 5 minutes.

Price: $4,000

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