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Monarch Life Sciences

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Monarch Life Sciences Brand Review

Monarch Life Sciences, LLC is a fully integrated, science-based Colorado Corporation bringing compassion, community engagement and pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical-grade cannabis through tested and clinically proven aerosol devices, proprietary formulations, and remedy-specific consumer products.

Their Mission is to be recognized as the industry leader in delivering the safest, most effective, and widely used cannabis derived full/broad-spectrum CBD aerosols and water-soluble products on the planet.

Monarch’s ‘Aerosol Advantage’ provides several benefits over traditional based delivery systems which include: accurate dosing, higher uptake and bioavailability, quicker effective release, great absorption, and higher levels of active cannabinoids. All of this in convenient and discrete usage packages that come at a lower cost per use than most other products.

Additionally, Monarch provides various products that take a ‘remedy specific’ approach so customers can feel comfortable that the products they are using have been formulated directly for their individual purposes or ailments. Along with their proprietary non-isolate water-soluble technology products, Monarch has become a leader in the new advancements of cannabinoid delivery for human and pet consumption.

Fast Facts About Monarch

  • Source of Hemp: Colorado, Oregon & Kentucky, USA
  • Quality: Monarch™ cannabinoids are organically sourced from only the highest quality, federally and state certified and tested growers using super-critical CO2 to extract the raw oil with pressure and cold temperatures, ensuring that it’s not exposed to the heavy solvents used in lower quality, more widely available cannabinoid-based oils.
  • Extraction Methods: Supercritical, Botanical CO2 / Micelle Full Spectrum, Water Soluble Technology.
  • Extraction Process: A patented method known as Column Chromatography that identifies, separates and removes only THC, leaving the other cannabinoids including CBD and the rare “varins”, CBDV and THCV, intact, delivering a greater Full Spectrum Purity.  This process delivers an 81.0% cannabinoid oil, containing the natural cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in the plant, making micelle cannabinoids the purest, most bioavailable CBD oil available.
  • Manufacturing: Monarch™ uses only pharmaceutical grade components for its aerosol product lines and ensures that all products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standards and systems of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Monarch™ complies with GMP processes, from starting materials, production, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.
  • Third-Party Laboratory Results: Monarch Life Sciences is one of the few cannabinoid products manufacturers, providing third-party testing and certificates of conformity and analysis (COA) for not only the end use consumer products, but also agricultural lab testing (COA from where the originating hemp was farmed), manufactured distillate lab testing (COA for the SuperCritical, CO2 extracted biomass), process manufacturing of micelle, water soluble cannabinoids (Micelle, in physical chemistry, is a loosely bound aggregation of several hundreds of atoms, ions (electrically charged atoms), or molecules, forming a colloidal particle; i.e., one of a number of ultramicroscopic particles dispersed through a continuous medium. (COA for Purzorb® and HempZorb81™) and lastly, process batch manufacturing and third-party testing (Botanicor™ COA – Denver, Colorado USA) of all Monarch™ products.
  • Customer Support: Have a Question? Email: or Call: (303) 558-0583 to reach the customer service team. They are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00pm MST.
  • Shipping: Standard USPS Priority shipping at $6.00 on any order under $40. Free shipping for orders over $40. Expedited shipping and overnight shipping options are also available.
  • Returns: Items are eligible for full refund within 30 days of the purchase date, no questions asked. Items must be in their original condition and packaging. If an item arrives in a damaged state, please take a picture with your phone for reference and notify us immediately at – – and you will be refunded the entire cost of the item. Please allow 7-10 business days for the full amount of the refund to show up in your account.

Nano Mist Atomizer (inhaler) Review

Monarch Inhaler Group

Monarch’s Nano Mist Atomizers (pressurized metered dose inhalers) are formulated for everyday use and designed to work quickly with delivery directly into the lungs. Use our daily formulas throughout your day to help keep you alert and focused while promoting overall vitality and health. When you’re ready to wind down, try Monarch’s Relax formula for a calm and restful evening and to sleep.

Benefits: Accurate and consistent metered dosing directly to lungs. Convenient and discrete usage. Optimum active bioavailability and uptake. Quicker effective release and maximum absorption. Lower cost per use and cost per milligram. 1500mg Hemp-derived Broad-spectrum Purzorb® Micelle CBD. 7.5mg CBD per dose – 200 Inhalations.  Remedies – FOCUS, ENERGY, BALANCE, RELAX, SLEEP. 

Price: $59

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Nano Mist Sublingual Aerosol Review

Monarch Sublingual Aerosols

Monarch’s Nano Mist Sublingual Aerosols are formulated for everyday use and designed to work quickly with delivery under your tongue directly into the blood stream. Use the daily formulas throughout your day to help keep you alert and focused while promoting overall vitality and health. When you’re ready to wind down, try our relaxing formula for a calm and restful evening and to sleep. To keep your immunity system at its best, our Immune Support is ideal to give the extra boost your system needs.

Benefits: Accurate and consistent metered dosing directly to the blood stream. Convenient and discrete usage. Optimum active bioavailability and increased uptake. Maximum absorption, more effective release and quicker onset. Lower cost per dose. 2000 mg Hemp Derived Full-Spectrum CBD. 10mg CBD per spray – 180 doses. Remedies – DEEP ZZZ’S, MOOD LIFT, PEACE OUT, and RELIEF RESCUE.

Price: $49

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Nano Mist Topicals Review

Monarch Topical Group

Monarch’s Topical RELIEF and REFRESH aerosols deliver a continuous Nano-spray of Purzorb® Micelle CBD formulation with added micro-nutrients for pain management, skin restoration and respiration at precise chosen areas of the body. Quick absorbing and non-oily, these topical relief and refresh sprays are great for daily use as needed.

RELIEF – Menthol (4%), Lidocaine (2%) with Eucalyptus & Capsaicin. Supports: Pain Management, muscle aches, pains and cramps, joint discomfort, soreness, improved circulation, mobility & flexibility. Daily Benefits: Pain management and control with improved muscle & joint flexibility, warmth. 2500 mg Hemp-Derived Broad-Spectrum Purzorb® Micelle CBD + 500mg CBG

Price: $59

REFRESH – Chamomile, Aloe, Arnica & Green Tea (Lavender & Seabreeze). Supports: Healthy skin, firming elasticity, facial moisture and hydration, daily skin rejuvenation restoration & natural repair & suppleness. Daily Benefits: Facial moisturizer replenishing, wrinkle reduction, healthy skin management. 2500 mg Hemp-Derived Broad-Spectrum Purzorb® Micelle CBD.

Price: $28

NEW: Topical RELIEF Lotion – Monarch’s Topical RELIEF Lotion is ideal for targeting smaller areas that require immediate relief. Similar base ingredients to the RELIEF spray, it provides soothing penetrating comfort in a fast absorbing lotion. The unique airless pump allows you to squeeze directly on the affected areas and conveniently rub into muscles and joints for advanced therapy relief. Use for achy muscles, stiff joints, or any body soreness.

The RELIEF lotion formula includes eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, tea tree oil, aloe, capsaicin, arnica with lidocaine and MSM for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Price: $49

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Pet Health Drops Review

Monarch Pet Drops Group

Monarch’s exclusive Pet Health Drops allow you to administer premium full-spectrum CBD (plus CBG) to your pet with any meal or directly in the mouth. We use all natural 100% Pure Omega-rich fish oils to ensure the product is safe for animal ingestion or addition to any foods. We do not use any MCT oils in our pet products. Your pets will benefit from the most advanced, safe and effective pet drops on the market. The better value larger size 60ml bottle (60 doses) will keep your pets happy and healthy all year long.

Small/medium pets:
600mg Hemp-derived Full-Spectrum CBD (2oz/60ml – 1ml dropper)

Price: $39 (10mg/dose – 60 doses)

Large/Extra large pets:
1200mg Hemp-derived Full-Spectrum CBD (2oz/60ml – 1ml dropper)

Price: $59 (20mg/dose – 60 doses)

Recommended Dosage:

Small (Under 15 LBS): 10-20mg per day
Medium (15 – 30 LBS): 20-30mg per day
Large (30 -60 LBS):  30-40mg per day
X-Large (60+ LBS): 40-50mg per day

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Aqua VITA Beverage Infusion Review

Aqua VITA Beverage Infusion

Monarch’s Aqua VITA Green Tea and Coffee infusions are ideal for convenient daily use with any beverage. Consisting of 100% Natural Green Tea and 100% Arabica Coffee, combined with our water soluble full-spectrum Purzorb® CBD you receive natural anti-oxidants with additional micronutrients beneficial for all your daily activities. The Aqua VITA Green Tea or Coffee Infusion can be enjoyed with any hot or cold beverage anytime, anywhere. With a single squeeze, it adds approximately 100 milligrams of beneficial premium CBD to enhance your daily beverages while keeping you well hydrated. Our special formulation including colloidal silver, potassium, and trace minerals provides all the benefits without changing the flavor of your drink.

2000mg Hemp-derived, Full-spectrum, Purzorb® Micelle CBD (20 servings of ~100mg CBD per dose)

Flavors: Green Tea & Coffee

Green Tea* – 100% Pure Tea

Ideal for enhancing any tea, hot/cold beverages, sports drinks, waters, or cocktails. Neutral tea flavor, Zero calories.

Coffee* – 100% Arabica Coffee

Ideal for enhancing daily hot or cold coffee drinks, mixed coffee beverages and cold brews. Zero calories and no sweeteners.

Price: $20

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