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Founded by an Air Force veteran on a mission to free people from traditional pharmaceuticals, Pharm Organics claims their products can be used as a natural supplement to treat those suffering from illness or chronic conditions.

They take pride in their customer care and industry knowledge by offering a personalized experience to determine the appropriate product for each customer. Furthermore, they understand that everyone has a preferred method of finding relief.

All of the products they manufacture are made with CBD extracted from terpene rich hemp grown in Colorado and infused with MCT oil to keep your body in peak performance. Also, their CBD oil is available in four refreshing flavors: citrus lemon, mint, orange, and natural. 

The Pharm Organics website is well designed, easy to navigate, and provides a wealth of educational information that can help you understand the role of CBD.  

All of Pharm organics products are 100% THC free and organic and have been put through rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure potency and purity.  The site maintains a page where you can access the results of these tests for all of their products. 

  • Source of Hemp: Colorado
  • Quality: Organically Grown  
  • Extraction: C02 & Ethanol 
  • Manufacturing: GMP certified
  • Third-Party Laboratory Results: Dedicated Webpage
  • Customer Support: Email and on-site request form.
  • Shipping: Free domestic shipping is available.
  • Returns: Full refund within 30 days of purchase is available if not satisfied.


Pharm Organics Product Reviews


CBD Oil Tinctures
Pharm Organics CBD Oils
Highlights: Broad-Spectrum Extract (no THC), flavors: Mint, Sicilian Orange, Citrus Lemon and natural. Pharm Organics hemp is organically grown and processed in the USA and independently tested and verified by third-party labs.
Strength: Choices of potency from 16mg CBD/1ml to 50mg CBD/1ml
CBD Oil Price: Prices vary from $34.95 to $134.95
Price Per mg: $0.06 - $0.08 per mg
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CBD Oil Softgels
Pharm Organics Softgels
Highlights: Broad-Spectrum Extract (no THC). Each softgel contains a proprietary water-soluble, terpene-rich hemp oil. CBD Oil Softgels are also available with perfectly blended melatonin. Not only will they support calming effects for your body, they’ll also support your sleep.
Strength: Choices of potency from 10mg CBD/Softgel to 25mg CBD/Softgel
CBD Softgels Price: Prices vary from $49.95 to $99.95
Price Per mg: $0.16 - $0.06 per mg
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CBD Oil Topicals
Pharm Organics CBD Topicals
Highlights: Pharm Organics CBD Salves and Deep Freeze Roll On are ideal for people looking to support well-functioning joints and promote healthy skin. Both products contain only premium-grade CBD extracts from 100% organic, domestically grown, non-GMO hemp.
Strength: CBD Slaves - 500mg CBD, Deep Freeze Roll On - 750mg CBD
CBD Topical Price: CBD Slaves - 59.95, Deep Freeze Roll On - 44.95
Price Per mg: $0.11 - $0.05 per mg
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Pharm Organics CBD for Pets
Pharm Organics CBD For Pets
Highlights: For your furry family member, Pharm Organics offers Hemp Dog Treats and CBD Oil Tinctures. Both products are ideal for alleviating discomfort in pets. The CBD Oil Tinctures for Pets is effective for dogs and cats alike. The Hemp Dog Treats benefit to any dog’s size, breed, age or gender.
Strength: Hemp Dog Treats - 2MG each, Pets CBD Oil Tincture - 15mg CBD / 1ml
CBD For Pets Price: Hemp Dog Treats - $34.95, Pets CBD Oil Tincture - $59.95
Price Per mg: $0.5 - $0.11 per mg
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