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Vital Leaf

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Vital Leaf Brand Review

Based in beautiful Cascadia, Oregon, Vital Leaf was founded by professional chef and educator Christina Sasser, and we just love that. In an industry where only 17.6 percent of women are in leadership positions, Sasser is a breath of fresh air. The brand claims to have a “plant-forward” approach to CBD so it’s no surprise that their offerings are made with ingredients that are organic, fair-trade, and ethically sourced. 

Vital Leaf’s commitment to the environment and the community shows in their support for regenerative farming practices. And they have partnered with Portland’s own Village Building Convergence, an event dedicated to helping Portland’s diverse communities reclaim and revitalize the places where they live.  

The brand is a member of the Hemp Industries Association, an organization that promotes sustainable and organic agriculture, environmentally friendly technologies, accurate labeling, ethical business practices, and human rights, among other values.  

All of Vital Leaf’s products are made with phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) full-spectrum hemp extract sourced from sun-grown Oregon plants. Gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan, they are formulated with an array of cannabinoids and terpenes intended to encourage the entourage effect.

Fast Facts About Vital Leaf

  • Source of Hemp: Oregon, USA
  • Quality: Organically and regeneratively grown by ODA licensed hemp farmers
  • Third-Party Laboratory Results: Products are third-party tested by Pixis Labs, and each batch has its own certificate of analysis. Results are easily accessed on the brand’s dedicated webpage
  • Customer Support: Have a Question?  Call support at 503-862-3494, submit a support ticket, or email directly at
  • Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over $75
  • Returns: Returns accepted for unopened merchandise only within 30 days of purchase. Contact support to initiate the process. 

The company has four primary product categories: CBD chocolate, tinctures, capsules, and a balm. We’ve had a chance to review the chocolates and the Elixir Drops (tinctures). Here’s our take:

Vital Leaf Elixir Drops Review

Vital Leaf Elixir Oil

For full-spectrum tinctures, Vital Leaf’s CBD Elixir drops are some of the best-tasting options on the market. They come in two flavors. The first is Chocolate Mint—flavored with cacao extract and Oregon peppermint. If you enjoy thin mint cookies or mint chocolate chip ice cream, this is a perfect go-to choice.

But we are slightly partial to their other flavor offering—Rose Cardamom Vanilla. It’s a unique taste sensation that is slightly sweet with hints of vanilla and floral notes. If you’re tired of the same flavor combinations in your CBD, this formulation is definitely worth a try. 

Both formulas come in 250, 500, or 1000 mg potencies and are naturally sweetened with monk fruit. Because this herb is concentrated, you should shake the bottle before each use to distribute the sweetness evenly.

While you can take this sublingually, Vital Leaf also suggests adding Elixir Drops to your smoothie or favorite warm beverage. We didn’t’ try this yet, as we like out CBD straight up. 

Price: $25 (250mg),  $45 (500mg), $69 (1000mg)

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Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate Review

Vital Leaf Chocolate

This is the product that blew our minds. Come on…CBD and chocolate? What’s not to love? 

Let’s start by looking at the main ingredients:  Organic fair-trade cacao paste, organic fair-trade cacao butter, organic coconut sugar, phytocannabinoid-rich full-spectrum hemp extract, and sea salt. Right away, it’s easy to see these are top-shelf confections. 

We sat down to binge-watch the last season of Peaky Blinders (a must-see) while we tested the Chocolate Bar Minis Variety Pack. This is highly recommended if you are new to the brand, as it contains one of each flavor offered— Toasted Quinoa Crunch, Roasted Hazelnut & Sea Salt, and Classic Dark. 

Can we just say, YUM?!

The Classic Dark and the Hazelnut bars were absolutely delicious but the Toasted Quinoa Crunch blew it out of the water. Combining popped organic Quinoa with chocolate was a genius move, and this creamy, crunchy, delight really hit the spot for flavor and uniqueness. 

Each of the Chocolate Bar Minis contains 30 mg of CBD, and as they were shared between two of us, we each got about 45 mg of CBD each during our taste-testing session. Yes, we ate every last bit. There was no restraint to be had. Whether it was from the chocolate or the full-spectrum CBD, we were completely chill for the rest of the night. 

The chocolate also comes in individual 1.7-ounce bars containing 100 mg of CBD each. And if you are really hooked you can even buy them in cases of 12 or 24. We see this purchase in our future.

Price: $15 (one unit)

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Other Products

We haven’t tried the brands other two products, but if the tincture and chocolate is any indication, they hold great promise. The brand’s 25 mg capsules are formulated using micellization, a process that renders them more bioavailable to the cells of the body, and they cost only $69. They come in a bottle of 30, but what we really love are the discreet travel pouches, which are ideal for travel.

We’re also anxious to check out Vital Leaf’s CBD Body Balm. Its made with shea butter, phytocannabinoid-rich full-spectrum hemp, arnica, and an array of fragrant and beneficial botanicals. Each contains 500 milligrams of CBD, and it costs only $39. The Unwind formula features chamomile, lavender, sage, and other essential oils, while the Relieve option contains neroli, grapefruit, cardamom, and petitgrain.