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Best CBD Chocolate

What Is CBD Chocolate?

Modified Date: January 3, 2021

Chocolate stimulates more than your taste buds, and in this post we aim to help you understand the chemical reactions caused by chocolate. CBD creates similar chemical reactions in your body, which makes CBD chocolate an effective method to administer the benefits of hemp. CBD edibles differ for reasons like taste preference and desired effect. There are different reactions to the various types of CBD products, which make it valuable to learn how to take CBD in ways that benefit you. CBD, like chocolate, is a dynamic treat that you deserve!

CBD chocolate - the best alternative to pure extracts

Why is CBD so popular? It is a unique chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa or hemp plant and your body has countless receptors that catch specific chemicals, such as those found in CBD and in chocolate. Have you noticed how satisfying a bite of chocolate is? That is the result of chemical reactions increasing the flow of endorphins and other neurotransmitters  in your brain. More specifically, what you are experiencing is the bliss produced by activating your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is a system of receptors that bind to cannabinoids when they are introduced. 

Anandamide in your brain

The scientific side of the CBD industry has discovered it’s soul mate—chocolate!

As a chemical messenger, anandamide is a powerful neurotransmitter. When it comes to brain health, anandamide prompts regulation of serotonin and dopamine which has a beneficial cascading effect on your other neurotransmitters. Favorable levels of serotonin encourage a biological balance to your mood, appetite, and cognitive functions: memory, learning, thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition.

It is no wonder why anandamide has been called the messenger of bliss. Named after the Sanskrit word for bliss, this is partly why it feels so good to let a morsel of chocolate melt on your tongue.

Dark CBD Chocolate

Anandamide in chocolate

It’s one thing to take CBD to improve your sense of wellbeing and another to maximize the benefit. Using chocolate as the method of delivery injects additional anandamide into your system. It doesn’t hurt that your taste buds delight in the flavor too.

Anandamide is not only a neurotransmitter, but it is  also a cannabinoid and is therefore picked up by your endocannabinoid receptors just like CBD. Chocolate also contains fatty acids that behave as breakdown-inhibitors. Fats in chocolate, also called lipids, have been shown to extend the duration of the CBD effects. This concept lends itself to increased bioavailability. That means your dose lasts longer and the money you spend on CBD goes further. In this study, researchers conclude that natural fats in chocolate facilitate a process called lipid micro-encapsulation. This protects the CBD molecules during digestion, resulting in larger quantities of CBD being delivered to your bloodstream. There is plenty of reasonable evidence to conclude that chocolate infused with CBD, such as those from our favorite brand, Vital Leaf,  are one of the most efficient edible options available.

We are finding that the methods of ingesting CBD and the world of edibles are expanding to accommodate a wider spectrum of preferences. A CBD-infused chocolate bar satisfies your sweet tooth and enhances vitality, and we proudly endorse the following brands products.  

Vital Leaf - #1 CBD Chocolate On The Market

CBD Chocolate By: Vital Leaf
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CBD Chocolate

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CBD Chocolate
CBD Chocolate By: Vital Leaf
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