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CBD For Anxiety

CBD To Manage Everyday Stresses

Modified Date: March 19, 2022

It is normal for the body to respond with fear when faced with a scary or dangerous situation. However, when these responses take the form of severe anxiety, stress, or panic attacks they can interfere with regular functioning, making one’s life miserable.  It is at this point that people typically visit their doctor to address these abnormal symptoms with medication. Over a third of all people in the United States will suffer from symptoms associated with an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.

Studies suggest that CBD may reduce some of these uncomfortable symptoms, as well as help correct the imbalances that lead to them. 

Best CBD Products to Manage Everyday Stresses

BrandProductCBD TypePotencyPrice Range
Charlotte's WebCBD Gummies: CALMFull Spectrum10mg CBD + 75mg Lemon Balm per gummy
30ct / 60ct / 90ct boxes
$29.99 - $56.99
CBDistilleryRelief & Relax CBD OilFull Spectrum500mg - 2500mg CBD bottles
Per serving: 17mg - 83mg CBD
$35 - $130
Nuleaf Naturals CBD OilFull Spectrum300mg - 6000mg CBD bottles
Per serving: 30mg CBD
$29.99 - $399
Try The CBDCBD Oil TincturesFull Spectrum or Pure CBD Oil500mg - 5000mg CBD bottles
Per serving: 16.67mg - 166.67mg CBD
$34.99 - $234.99
Green RoadsRelax Bears CBD GummiesBroad Spectrum10mg / 25mg CBD per gummy
5ct / 30ct boxes
$6.49 - $49.99
Monarch Life SciencesSublingual Aerosol: PEACE OUTBroad Spectrum2000mg CBD per device
Per serving: 10mg CBD

1. Charlotte’s Web – CBD Gummies CALM

Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies CALM new

Charlotte’s Web is one of the oldest and most popular brands in the CBD industry. They got lots of positive user reviews on their site and they have a good variety of products. Their Calm gummies are a great option for those who want to ease normal anxiety and manage everyday stressors.

These delicious lemon lime flavored gummies contain 10 milligrams of CBD, plus additional natural ingredients, like lemon balm, that support a sense of calm.

The Calm gummies are available in 3 sizes: 30ct, 60ct, and 90ct containers.

  • CBD type: Full Spectrum hemp extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: CBD + Lemon Balm, that support a sense of calm
  • Potency: 10mg CBD per serving / 30ct, 60ct, and 90ct containers
  • Flavor: Flavored with natural juices from fruits and vegetables
  • Third-party lab tests: Tested and verified for content and purity
  • Price: $29.99 – $56.99

15% Off Coupon Code: CBDBR15


2. CBDistillery – Relief & Relax CBD Oil

CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBDistillery is one of the most popular, trusted and reputable brands in the industry. Their most popular product is their Relief & Relax CBD oil which was created to promote relaxation. CBDistillery offers both full-spectrum and Broad Spectrum (THC free) CBD oil versions and they are an ideal choice for those who are looking for a high quality product.

They are available in different strengths: from 500mg to 5,000mg of CBD in a bottle, and they have a “natural” taste.

  • CBD type: Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum hemp extract
  • Source of hemp: USA (U.S. Hemp Authority-certified)
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD hemp extract (Aerial Parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural flavors, natural terpenes
  • Potency: From 500mg to 5,000mg of CBD in a bottle
  • Flavors: Natural and Mango taste
  • Third-party lab tests: Tested and verified for content and purity
  • Price: $35 – $240 (Subscribe and Save 20%)

15% Off Coupon Code: CBDBR


3. Nuleaf Naturals – CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

Nuleaf has been in business since 2014, offering some of the highest-grade CBD available. Their primary focus is on full-spectrum oils, and at this, they excel.

Their hemp is grown on licensed farms in Colorado using sustainable and organic practices. Their natural genetic cannabis strains are specifically bred to produce the safest, most potent, and consistent products in the industry. Their oils contain all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds found in the whole plant. Nuleaf CBD oils are available in a variety of strengths ranging from 300mg to 6000mg of CBD.

  • CBD type: Full Spectrum hemp extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum hemp extract, organic virgin hemp seed oil
  • Potency: From 300mg to 6,000mg of CBD in a bottle
  • Flavor: Natural taste
  • Third-party lab tests: Tested and verified for content and purity
  • Delivery: Fast & Free 2-3 day shipping for all orders within the USA
  • Price: $29.99 – $399

20% Off Coupon Code: CBR20


4. Try The CBD – CBD Oil

Try The CBD Oil

Try The CBD CBD oil tinctures are made of natural ingredients only, such as hemp-derived CBD and MCT oil. They use the highest quality CBD oil which is derived from non-GMO industrial hemp grown with natural farming practices.

Try The CBD offers both full-spectrum and Pure CBD oil versions and they are an ideal choice for those on a budget. The Pure CBD formulation is an isolate that contains no THC, which is perfect for those who are overly sensitive to this ingredient or who are concerned about workplace drug testing.

The company recommends starting with six drops twice daily or as needed. If you do not experience the calming effects you are looking for, gradually increase the dosage until you get the desired results.

  • CBD type: Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate (THC free)
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD oil, MCT oil
  • Potency: From 500mg to 5,000mg of CBD in a bottle
  • Flavor: Natural taste
  • Third-party lab tests: Tested and verified for content and purity
  • Price: $34.99 – $234.99

10% Off Coupon Code: cbdbestreview10


5. Green Roads – Relax Bears CBD Gummies

Green Roads CBD Gummies

Everyday stress simply calls for extra support. Green Roads Relax Bears are the best-tasting CBD Gummies and they can give you a way to manage daily stress. Each pharmacist-formulated gummy bear is infused with 10 mg or 25mg of CBD in a 5 count or 30 count box. 

Not only are they extremely tasty – sweet and sour flavor, but they are also very easy to carry, and comfortable to consume while you are at work, traveling or just relaxing or reading a book.  

  • CBD type: CBD Isolate (THC free)
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Hemp derived cannabinoid extract, Corn Syrup (From Corn), Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Lactic Acid, Pectin (Derived From Fruits), Titanium Dioxide (Color), FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40
  • Potency: 10mg or 25mg of CBD per gummy / 5ct or 30ct box
  • Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Green Apple, Cherry and Orange
  • Third-party lab tests: Tested and verified for content and purity
  • Price: $6.49 – $49.99

10% Off Coupon Code: CBDBEST10

6. Monarch Life Sciences – Sublingual Spray: PEACE OUT

monarch sublingual peace out

This Sublingual Aerosol is a customized device that delivers a precisely dosed proprietary formulation of hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD and micro-nutrients directly into the inner mouth.

With maximum absorption and optimum bio-availability utilizing Nano Technology, the sublingual spray delivers the most effective, safe and accurate dosing in the industry. 10 mg CBD per dose/use. Vanilla Spice formula with chamomile, valerian, and lavender delivers a subtle calmness to your daily stresses. 

  • CBD type: Full Spectrum hemp extract 
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Vanilla Spice formula with chamomile, valerian, and lavender
  • Potency: 10 mg CBD per dose / 2000 mg CBD per device
  • Flavors: Natural taste
  • Third-party lab tests: Tested and verified for content and purity
  • Price: $49

20% Off Coupon Code: CBDBR20

CBD Oil for Anxiety Dosage

Please note that this is not a one-size-fits-all system, as everyone is different. There are also different products with varying absorption rates. At CBD Best Review we recommend to start slow and increase the dose until you obtain the desired results.

Once you are at a dose that works for you, stay there. If you experience any adverse effects, reverse the process by lowering the amount of CBD in small increments until you have found just the right amount that works for you.

Click here to read our dosage guide.

Understanding Anxiety

To get a clear picture of what anxiety is, we have to first distinguish between full-blown anxiety and the state of being a bit nervous. Nervous feelings are perfectly normal and are usually not cause for concern.  After all, fear is a basic human emotion that is considered beneficial to us. Without our built-in fight or flight response, we wouldn’t be able to steer ourselves away from dangerous situations.

For example, imagine you are walking alone at night through a dark alley and you hear footsteps coming up behind you.  Naturally, your heart rate will speed up, your breathing will increase, and your mind becomes alert. This normal response to a potentially dangerous situation is the bodies instinctual way of preparing you to fight off a would-be attacker or flee the scene as quickly as possible. This is perfectly reasonable.

But fear becomes a cause for concern when it is irrational.  That is to say, there is no imminent danger, yet the mind and body respond as if there is. Over time, this habitual response begins to affect a person’s day-to-day activities. They may develop any number of conditions related to anxiety; social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and agoraphobia, to name just a few. They may even start to have anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks.  In this scenario, the fear becomes unmanageable.

What Causes Panic Attacks

Since panic attacks vary from one person to another, it is essential to recognize them in order to find the right method to battle the condition. Most of the time, people do not have any idea why they get anxiety attacks; they simply know they feel terrified.

Some common symptoms of panic attacks include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Feeling like it’s hard to breath
  • Weakness or fainting
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • A sense of impending doom

The causes of anxiety attacks may be genetic, medical or environmental. They can also come about as a result of substance abuse or a traumatic event. More often than not, a combination of these factors is implicated. The common denominator is that the sufferer usually feels they have no control over these episodes. Over time, they begin to avoid situations where anxiety is likely to occur.  In extreme cases, they may become confined to their homes and unable to work. This is diagnosed as an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Treatment

Those suffering from an overabundance of stress and anxiety usually turn to drug treatments after they find that other methods are ineffective. Sometimes cognitive therapy or simple lifestyle changes are enough to dissipate anxiety. But in more severe cases, the typical scenario involves a visit to a physician who will prescribe medication to help regulate the chemicals in the brain and alleviate the troubling symptoms.

There are many classes of medications used to treat anxiety. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  One class of drugs, benzodiazepines, provide relief by producing a mild sedative effect. These include medications like Xanax and Valium. However, these drugs do not treat the underlying cause of anxiety and provide only a temporary solution. The brain and body get used to them rapidly, and in a short time, they can become addictive. Attempts to discontinue them often cause anxiety that is even more debilitating than it was at the outset, creating a frustrating cycle of dependency.  

Other drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) have been widely prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and other mental health conditions.  The results vary from individual to individual. However, SSRIs are not without unpleasant side effects, and stopping them abruptly can cause discontinuation syndrome, an uncomfortable medical condition similar to withdrawal.

Cannabidiol (CBD) As An Alternative Treatment For Anxiety

Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD, is a vital phytocannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Also known as cannabis sativa, the plant has been used for centuries for medicinal and recreational purposes. Up until the past decade or so, its notoriety was primarily due to the psychoactive effects it has on its users.  These mind-altering effects are limited to a compound in the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and it is this chemical in cannabis products that most people are familiar with. 

But researchers discovered another important cannabinoid, CBD, has many of the same beneficial properties (plus a few more) as THC without causing the user to become intoxicated or high. This cannabinoid is plentiful in the hemp plant, and its medicinal properties have made it an ideal alternative for those who would like to reap the incredible benefits of medical marijuana without worrying about the “high” it is known for.

How Does CBD Work For Anxiety?

There are over 60 targets in the human body that are affected by CBD. These targets are part of a complex receptor system so vast that it even outnumbers our neurotransmitters. This massive network is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and its functions are vital to keeping us alive and well. There are several ways in which CBD works to reduce anxiety.

Endocannabinoids: The body makes its own cannabinoids, and they are nearly identical to the ones found in plants. They are utilized at receptor sites throughout the brain and body via the ECS.  However, as most of us know, when things go awry within the body, an imbalance can occur. Many researchers now believe that these so-called chemical imbalances are a result of a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency.

Introducing a phytocannabinoid such as CBD into this system may help restore balance. They theorize that by boosting the production of our own cannabinoids and helping them to function better, CBD can restore homeostasis within dysregulated systems in our bodies.

Serotonin: Everyone has heard of serotonin. It is a commonly held belief that a lack of serotonin leads to anxiety and depression; however, this is not always true. Sometimes it is the opposite.

The serotonin receptor HT1A plays an active role in disorders related to anxiety. CBD binds to this receptor and has been shown in animal studies to have anti-anxiety effects in the face of external stressors.

Neural regeneration: At one time it was thought that the brain could not regenerate at all.  But we now know that the human brain changes throughout our lives. New neurons are formed, new connections are made, and new pathways are created.  This neuroplasticity is how people are able to change bad habits and establish new ones.

The effects of CBD on overall brain functioning are remarkable. CBD receptors are found throughout the brain, encouraging cell regeneration.  Chronic anxiety literally damages the brain. Many studies have shown that certain CBD products can counter and repair this damage. 

As a result of changing federal and state laws, it is likely we will see more clinical trials on the effects of cannabidiol to treat anxiety. This information should be encouraging to anyone who ever felt they couldn’t recover from an anxiety or panic disorder.

CBD for Anxiety FAQ

Each individual’s response to cannabinoids varies according to several different factors including genetics, dose, environment, tolerance, and others. Ultimately, the best potency CBD oil for anxiety is the one that works best for your needs and circumstances.

The dose is more important than potency. To find the right dose for you, start with small doses and slowly increase over two weeks’ time until you’ve reached the desired effect.

Take CBD oil for anxiety as needed at the moment to reduce the stress-related effects of anxiety. Taking CBD tincture under the tongue (sublingual administration) is a fast-acting method of taking CBD oil for anxiety.

Take small doses of CBD oil twice daily for regular support and relief from anxiety. Over time your needs may change as your anxiety responds to the effect of cannabinoids balancing the endocannabinoid system.

The fastest-acting method of taking CBD for anxiety is inhalation, followed by sublingual administration, or holding it under the tongue. These two methods offer fast-acting relief, but compared to ingestion of CBD capsules, softgels, or edibles, the effect doesn’t last as long.

For immediate relief, consider higher potencies taken under the tongue.

Since each person has a unique response to cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, there is no one size fits all answer to taking CBD oil for anxiety. People that pick THC-free CBD oil are typically either very sensitive to cannabinoids and THC or prefer to avoid THC for personal reasons such as drug testing.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil provides a range of naturally occurring compounds, including THC, that can help to activate the entourage effect – a synergistic amplification of the beneficial properties of cannabinoids.

You can take CBD for anxiety as frequently as needed. There is a point where taking more CBD won’t provide you more relief. It’s typically best to wait an hour or two before taking more CBD for optimal results.

Take small doses throughout the day as needed to help maintain a healthy balanced endocannabinoid system and to manage stress-related anxiety.

While CBD isn’t formulated to treat or cure any type of anxiety, it helps to support the healthy functioning of the endocannabinoid system. This effect makes it easier to self-regulate stress and anxiety.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    By CJ

    Thank you for the explanation and recommendation of the different products.

    By Tricia D.

    I am a CBD user. I mostly use it for aches and pains. I’ve had an episode recently with back pain and have been using CBD creams for that. I knew CBD could also help with stress and anxiety, but had never really tried it for this. I was given one of the bottles of Relax Bears to try by a friend. I put them on my counter and decided to give them a whirl whenever I was having my next stressful moment. As a mom of two boys and a full time business owner, that moment came the very next morning. I was having one heck of a day. One of those days where nothing goes right. I was taking a breather and making myself a cup of coffee when I noticed my Relax Bears. I opened the jar. The jar contains 30 gummies, in five different flavors (blue raspberry, lemon, green apple, cherry, and orange). Each bear has 25mg of isolate CBD. The directions said to take 1-2 bears at a time. I went ahead and took two. They were very yummy. I thought they were actually too good to be CBD gummies. Afterwards, I went about my day as usual. Within 1 hour, I noticed that I had gone from being highly anxious to having a sense of calm. I wasn’t sleepy or tired, but very relaxed. My day was still going crazy, but I was handling it calmly. I felt more focused too. These little bears did exactly what they said they would do and eased my stressful day with a sense of calm and relaxation. I would definitely recommend these gummies to anyone.