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CBD for Immunity

CBD for Immunity: Everything You Need to Know

Modified Date: November 25, 2020

Currently, an increasing number of consumers are turning to CBD to potentially help increase immunity. And now, with the Coronavirus pandemic looming over our heads, cannabidiol products are being used more than usual. We all want to stay healthy, which means encouraging immune health. But can CBD boost the immune system’s health? Here is a breakdown of what you need to know.

What Is The Immune System?

Multiple biological mechanisms keep our bodies functioning; the immune system is one of them. It is a unique network of organs and tissues like the spleen, lymph nodes, and white blood cells which maintain the body in a healthy state. In other words, the immune system helps shield the host against disease-causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses. It also detects and eliminates dysfunctional cells via apoptosis.

Your immunity must be high to stay healthy. A weak immune system is exhibited by various signs and symptoms, such as:

  • The frequent occurrence of colds and infections
  • Stunted growth and development
  • Disorders of the blood
  • Inflammation of organs and other tissues
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Skin complications like rashes and boils

A blood test is used to reveal any defects in one’s immune system. It examines the levels of immunoglobulin, blood cells, and immune system cells.

How Cannabidiol May Work for the Immune System

Using CBD Oil

Studies reveal that CBD and other cannabinoids may impact the immune system. This could be attributed to some properties and functions of cannabidiol.

CBD Could Alleviate Anxiety And Stress

Your immune system is vulnerable if you are frequently under psychological stress. Using a regular dose of CBD could influence blood flow to the cerebral region, inducing sensations of relaxation, calm, and even delight. In some studies, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety, and it may even help with ongoing stress and depression. 

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CBD Potentially Reduces Inflammation

Soreness and swelling are the immune system’s natural response to a physical trigger, which may be a germ, parasite, or foreign object in the body. The process is meant to isolate the infected area and prevent the spread of toxins. With the right CBD dosage, you may benefit from the potential anti-inflammatory qualities of cannabidiol.

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CBD May Improve Sleep And Focus

Scientific and anecdotal evidence indicates a link between the immune system and the endocannabinoid system. When we use cannabidiol, we may stimulate the brain’s receptors to influence mood, emotions, memory, or relaxation.

When one is relaxed and in a balanced state of mind, it is more comfortable to sleep better or focus on the task at hand. A simple search online and you will find the best essential oils for men to try for this.

CBD May Help With Autoimmune Disease

The compound is being studied for its immunosuppressant abilities. It could help prevent the recurrence of attacks on the immune system by slowing down the production of T-cells. Patients with a hyperactive immune system could benefit from this property of CBD.

CBD Products That May Boost Immunity

Now you know that using CBD for the immune system could improve your health. The question now is how to use CBD oil. CBD oil is available in numerous forms, from tinctures, sprays, and lotions to edibles and capsules. The most popular choices among users are gummies, tablets, vapes, and oils.

The widespread method of administration is oral. Drops of cannabidiol are ingested directly or infused with other foods. You may even hear of CBD oil tea, coffee, or smoothies in a local cafe near you. Whatever your preferred method, taking CBD to boost your immune system could help keep you healthy. But be sure to consult a doctor before you take CBD for your immune system health.

Food For Thought

We must keep our immunity levels high because it is the immune system that protects our bodies from potentially harmful microorganisms. There are numerous remedies, but a more natural approach is to try CBD for immune system issues.

Do you believe in the various healing properties of this herbal compound? Or do you have questions about how CBD might help with immune system disorders? Let us know in the comment section below.


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