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CBD for Dogs Products

10 Best CBD Products For Dogs

Modified Date: September 8, 2021

There is a lot of talk about CBD’s potential to treat a wide range of disorders in people, but did you know that your precious pooch can also benefit from the many therapeutic effects of cannabidiol?

In this article, we are going to talk about giving CBD to your dog to help him or her achieve optimum health.  We will take a look at how the endocannabinoid system works, that the potential benefits are, and some tips on dosing, choosing the right products, and more.  

Why Give CBD to Your Dog?

There is a lot of evidence showing that cannabidiol is just as effective in pets as it is in people, yet much of this evidence exists in anecdotal form like the stories from pet owner at the beginning of this article. However, a couple of recent studies have been promising.

CBD For Dogs With Arthritis

One study was conducted in July of 2018 that examined the effects of CBD on dogs suffering from arthritis.  This was the first study of its kind and has been published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science.  Spoiler alert: 80% of the dogs who were evaluated in this study showed signs of increased mobility and marked pain reduction.

CBD For Dogs With Anxiety

Owner’s giving their dogs CBD report that it helps with anxiety related to noise, separation, and stress. 


Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine published a study in July of 2018 as well.  The research is still ongoing, but preliminary findings show that 89% of dogs with epilepsy who are being treated in this study have had a reduction in seizures.

Ways To Give CBD To Dogs

  • CBD Oil Tinctures – CBD tincture is one of the best ways to administrate CBD. You can drop in dog food, on a treat or directly in the mouth of your dog.
  • CBD Dog Chews – CBD infused dog chews are the easiest to incorporate CBD into your dog’s daily routine. These delicious chews are available in different sizes, flavors and strengths.
  • CBD Dog Treats – CBD dog treats have become one of the biggest trends in the pet space. They are available in different flavors and make a perfect snack time for your dog.

Choosing the Best CBD Product for Your Dog

At CBD Best Review, we feature several companies in our evaluations that provide high-quality CBD oils, chews and treats for dogs. Just like with CBD formulated for humans, our reviews on CBD for dogs take into account several factors:

  • We look at the extraction and manufacturing methods to ensure they are following best practices.  
  • We check to make sure that companies have their CBD tested by third-party laboratories who can analyze them for potency and purity as well as rule out any contaminants.  
  • We also look at the amounts of CBD in each package, where the hemp is grown, and the overall quality of the additional ingredients.

Now, let’s give each product a brief review.

BrandProduct TypeCBD TypePotencyPrice
Charlotte's WebCBD TincturesFull Spectrum17mg. CBD / 1mL.
Available in 30mL. / 100 mL. Bottle sizes
$59.99 - $149.99
Martha StewartCBD TincturesBroad Spectrum600mg. CBD / 30mL. Size bottle $39.99
cbdMDCBD TincturesBroad Spectrum150mg - 3000mg. CBD / 30mL. Bottle size$19.99 - $149.99
Nuleaf NaturalsCBD TincturesFull Spectrum300mg - 1800mg CBD / 30mL. Bottle size$29.99 - $149.00
Premium JaneCBD TincturesFull Spectrum250mg. CBD / 30mL. Bottle size$34.99
Charlotte's WebCBD ChewsFull Spectrum2.5mg. Of CBD per treat,
Available in 30ct or 60ct bag
$19.99 - $34.99
Martha StewartCBD ChewsBroad Spectrum9mg - 57mg CBD per serving$19.99 - $39.99
Joy OrganicsCBD TreatsBroad Spectrum2mg CBD per serving$34.95
Fab CBDCBD TreatsBroad Spectrum3mg CBD per serving
American ShamanCBD TreatsFull Spectrum5mg. CBD per serving$29.50

1. Charlotte’s Web – Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Dogs

Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Drops

Charlotte’s Web is a long-trusted CBD brand out of Colorado offering a full line of CBD pet products. This product is a great choice for anyone looking for a straightforward, quality-formulated full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs. According to Charlotte’s Web, hemp extract for dogs:

  • Support for healthy hips and joints
  • Help support a sense of calm. 

They provide free shipping for orders over $74 and every bottle of CBD oil is source-traceable with a QR code that leads you to third-party lab results. 

  • Potency: 17mg. CBD / 1mL., 30mL. / 100 mL. Bottle sizes
  • Flavors: Chicken or Unflavored
  • Price: $59.99 – $149.99
  • CBD type: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Charlotte’s Web™ Hemp Extract.
  • Shipment policy: Free Shipping & Handling on all orders over $74

15% Off Coupon Code: “CBDBR15”


2. Martha Stewart – CBD Oil for Dogs

Martha Stuart CBD Oil For Dogs

Martha Stewart’s line of CBD Oil for Dogs comes in one size, one flavor, and one potency all at a great price point. This CBD oil was created to enhance physical and mental well-being in dogs, and it is made with broad-spectrum, THC-free hemp extract from USA grown hemp.

This is an overall great pick from a trusted retail brand. Although the one size/potency/flavor aspect seems a bit limiting, the price point and recognizable brand make this CBD worth a try. 

  • Potency: 20mg. CBD / 30mL. Size bottle  
  • Flavors: Chicken
  • Price: $39.99
  • CBD type: Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • CBD source: USA
  • Ingredients: CBD from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Inactive Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor
  • Shipment policy: Free ground shipping to select states within US on orders over $49.99

20% Off Coupon Code: “CBDFORME20”


3. cbdMD – CBD Oil for Dogs

cbdMD CBD Oil for Dogs

Paw CBD is cbdMD’s CBD Oil for dogs and it comes in a wide range of potencies for all size dogs. This CBD oil for dogs is also available in Peanut butter flavor, which pretty much guarantees your dog will love it. According to cbdMD, this product may support your best friend in helpful ways:

  • Maintain a sense of calm
  • Support physical comfort
  • Manage signs of daily stress

The largest size is 3000 mg of CBD in a 1 FL. OZ. bottle, which is extremely potent and will likely last quite a while. This recipe also includes MCT oil, which will help synergize the beneficial effects of CBD hemp extract. 

  • Potency: 150mg. – 3000mg. CBD / 30mL. Bottle size
  • Flavors: Peanut Butter or Natural
  • Price: $19.99 – $149.99
  • CBD type: Superior Broad Spectrum  
  • Source of hemp: USA Hemp
  • Ingredients: Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), MCT Oil, and Natural Flavors.
  • Shipment policy: Free 2-3 day shipping on all orders.

15% Off Coupon Code: “CBDBR”


4. Nuleaf Naturals – Pet CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals Pet Oil

Nuleaf Naturals is a leading CBD brand that has been around for years providing high quality CBD oil. This CBD oil for dogs doesn’t come in any special flavors for dogs. However, they offer full-spectrum CBD oil at high potencies, which is difficult to find.

This CBD oil comes out of Colorado, USA and is made using Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, so you know it’s going to be really good for your dog’s overall well being. 

  • Potency: 300mg. – 1800mg. CBD / 30mL. Bottle size
  • Flavors: Natural
  • Price: $29.99 – $149.00
  • CBD type: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: Colorado, USA
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
  • Shipment policy: Free 2-3 day shipping for all orders within the USA.

20% Off Coupon Code: “CBR20”


5. Premium Jane – Bacon CBD Drops for Dogs

Premium Jane Dogs CBD Drops

Bacon flavored, low-potency, and an affordable price point make Premium Jane’s CBD oil for dogs the great choice for small breed dog owners. 

It’s made with premium full-spectrum CBD oil from the USA and crafted using hemp seed oil that ensures holistic health benefits for your pet’s overall well being. 

  • Potency: 250mg. CBD / 30mL. Bottle size
  • Flavors: Bacon
  • Price: $34.99
  • CBD type: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, natural flavor blend
  • Shipment policy: Free shipping for all products

15% Off Coupon Code: “CBDBR15”


6. Charlotte’s Web – Chews for Dogs

Cbharlotte's Web Chews Calming

Charlotte’s Web is a long standing reputable CBD brand and their line of CBD for dogs is another shining example of their commitment to excellence. They have a full catalog of CBD dog chews formulated for a variety of pup needs:

  • Chews For Senior Dogs – formulated with broad spectrum hemp extract and a blend of botanicals and vitamins to support cognition for adult dogs. Promote a sense of relaxation and provide natural support for brain health.
  • Hip & Joint Chews For Dogs – Made with broad spectrum hemp extract infused with glucosamine, turmeric, and chondroitin. These chews may support healthy joints and flexibility, and ease joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity.
  • Calming Chews For Dogs – Made with broad spectrum hemp extract infused with valerian root, passionflower extract and chamomile to promote calm. These chews can help with keeping your pet calm and relaxed.

Product highlights:

  • Potency: 2.5mg. Of CBD per treat
  • Flavors: Chicken or unflavored
  • Price: $19.99 – $34.99 
  • CBD type: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Shipment policy:  Free Shipping & Handling on all orders over $74

15% Off Coupon Code: “CBDBR15”


7. Martha Stewart – CBD Chews for Dogs

Martha Stuart CBD Chews For Dogs

Martha Stewart provide pet owners with a large variety of soft backed chews to choose from. This line of products is very popular with senior dogs because they are easy to chew and digest. 

The CBD soft chew dog treats from Martha Stewart come in a variety of formulations to meet your dog’s needs including Calm, Wellness, Mobility, Healthy Aging, and others. 

This brand is a great choice for the average consumer that likes lots of options, and they have CBD for small, medium, and large breed dogs.

Your dog will love the different flavor options and you will love the amazing price point of these CBD dog treats. 

  • Potency: from 9mg to 57 mg. CBD per serving
  • Flavors: Chicken and cranberry, Chicken and blueberry, Roasted Chicken, Chicken, Smoky bacon, Peanut butter, and Natural.
  • Price: Starting at $19.99 – $39.99
  • CBD type: Broad-Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.  CBD from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Inactive Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor. Product formulations vary.
  • Shipment policy: Free ground shipping to select states within US on orders over $49.99

20% Off Coupon Code: “CBDFORME20”


8. Joy Organics – CBD Dog Treats

Joy Organics Dog Treats

Joy Organic’s CBD Dog Chews are packed with natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals that dogs need. The potency is quite low compared to other options, but these CBD dog treats are at a great price point making them a good long-term choice for giving CBD to your dog daily. 

  • Potency: 2mg. CBD per serving
  • Flavors: Beef
  • Price: $34.95
  • CBD type:  Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Acacia Gum, Beef Liver, Brewers Yeast, Calcium Propionate, Calcium Sulfate, Flax Oil, Glycerin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Bacon Flavor, Salt, Sodium Alginate, Sorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Potato Powder, Acacia Fiber, Water
  • Shipment policy: Free Shipping on all orders

20% Off Coupon Code: “CBDBR20”


9. Fab CBD – CBD Dog Treats

FABCBD Dog Treats

These crunchy Calm & Cool CBD dog treats by Fab CBD are available in a range of potencies going up to 20mg of CBD per treat. This will be enough CBD for most size dogs, and the added peanut butter and apple flavor guarantees your dog will love these treats. 

  • Potency: 3mg CBD per serving treat
  • Flavors: Peanut butter and apple
  • Price: $34
  • CBD type: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract 
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Passion Flower, Chamomile, Coconut Oil, and CBD.
  • Shipment policy: Free 2-3 day ground shipping on all orders

15% Off Coupon Code: “CBDBR”


10. American Shaman – CBD Dog Treats

American Shaman Dog Treats

American Shaman’s CBD Snacks for dogs are the best CBD dog treats for small dogs. Each treat has 5mg of CBD and they come in three flavors, including turkey and peanut butter which are hard to find. 

Plus, this recipe includes great ingredients and full spectrum CBD hemp oil that will help your pup feel well and benefit overall health.

  • Potency: 5mg. CBD per serving
  • Flavors: Turkey, Peanut butter, or beef
  • Price: $29.50
  • CBD type: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Source of hemp: USA
  • Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Milk, Coconut Flour, White Rice Flour, Eggs, Molasses, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Shipment policy: Free Shipping with $99 purchase

20% Off Coupon Code: “AMERICAN20”


CBD Oil For Dogs FAQ

The dose and spectrum of cannabinoids in CBD oil are more important to consider than the potency when giving your dog CBD. Logically, larger dogs will require more CBD than smaller dogs. However, each dog is unique, and individual responses may vary.

Furthermore, the severity and types of symptoms for which you are giving your dog CBD play an important role. Ultimately, the best potency for your dog is the one that has the best results.

It is possible to give your dog too much CBD. They may act lethargic or experience changes in mood, energy, and appetite levels. Luckily, animals tolerate CBD quite well. It is a non-toxic, non-intoxicating or non-psychoactive substance, so you don’t have to worry too much.

However, dogs are particularly sensitive to THC. Always consult a vet for serious pet health problems and always use caution when giving cannabinoids to pets.

You can tell CBD is working for your dog when you see signs of symptom relief. You may notice more energy, better appetite, and improved mood or agility. When giving dogs CBD for anxiety or fireworks stress, you may notice reduced symptoms of stress or anxiety, or that symptoms last for less time.

It can be difficult to tell if CBD is working for pets, but journaling their symptoms can help you monitor their improvements with CBD.

Disclosing to your vet that you give your dog CBD oil is important, specifically if they are going to prescribe medicines for your dog. Many, but not all, vets have at least heard of CBD, but the decision is ultimately a personal one.

In the United States, CBD is legal at the federal level as long as it contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight volume. And giving CBD oil to pets is not considered criminal.

Buy the best CBD oil for dogs by comparing leading CBD brands by price, quality, and more right here at Our mission is to provide you access to all the information you need about the best quality CBD products for both dogs and humans. Just click on your favorite product to purchase CBD oil for your dog and have it delivered straight to your door.

CBD is well tolerated and safe for dogs. Be aware the full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC, which may be harmful in large amounts. Always check the lab results of any CBD product to be sure of how much THC is in it.

Dogs are more sensitive to THC due to higher concentrations of CB1 receptors in their brains. Trace amounts of THC are typically not an issue for most dogs, but always be aware that large doses of THC may pose a risk to dog’s health, especially smaller dogs.

No. Your dog will not become high or stoned. CBD is similar to THC, but It is non-psychoactive. While both compounds come from the cannabis plant, CBD is sourced from industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC, a trace amount that will not cause any mind-altering effects. Rest assured that it is perfectly safe for both you and your pet.

Reported side effects are quite mild, and consist of nausea, sleepiness, and diarrhea. If your pet experiences these effects, back down on the dosage and observe what happens.

Dogs possess an endocannabinoid system just like human beings do. In fact, this incredible network of receptors can be found in all mammals and even in some crustaceans. The endocannabinoid system (ECS for short) maintains homeostasis and consists of a multitude of receptor cells located throughout the entire body. These receptor cells interact with the peripheral and central nervous system, continually working to keep your pet healthy.

Your dog’s endocannabinoid system maintains his appetite, sleep cycle, stress levels, temperature, and more. Dogs can become unwell and suffer from many of the same conditions as humans. Some of these conditions are thought to be caused by an endocannabinoid deficiency. This is where the body either can’t utilize its own cannabinoids properly or has a deficiency in making them. Allergies, chronic pain, inflammation, immune disorders and more may come about as a result of an endocannabinoid deficiency.

CBD is a phytocannabinoid that works within this vast system of receptors helping the body to either produce more cannabinoids or gently nudge it into using the ones it has more efficiently. It can do this because the molecular structure of phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids that come from plants) and endocannabinoids (cannabinoids made in our bodies) is nearly identical.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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