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CBD Third Party Lab

CBD Third Party Lab Reports – How to Read Them

Modified Date: April 14, 2021

You probably know by now that high quality CBD oils come with third party CBD lab reports. But what does this mean exactly? and how do you read the CBD lab reports? In this post we will explain everything you need to know about CBD third party laboratory reports.

The Importance Of CBD Lab Report

The CBD lab report, also known as certificates of analysis (COA), will tell you the content of the CBD product. Due to lack of regulation, CBD manufactures can easily claim a random CBD amount stated on the product label. What a third party lab report does is to verify what the company claims actually exists. Legit third party testing laboratories will not have any business relationships with the brand they are testing.

If the CBD product you just bought did not come with a third party lab report, or there isn’t one available for review on the brand’s web site, you should seriously consider to throw it and use a different brand.

What To Look For In a CBD Third Party Lab Report

There are three types of CBD products: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. The lab report for each type will defer. For isolate CBD, for instance, the report will show almost nothing but CBD. For full-spectrum CBD it will show trace amounts of all other cannabinoids.


A good lab report will clearly state the total milligram of CBD in the product. Some reports will state the total CBD amount as a percentage of the entire oil mass, which is less user friendly and harder to understand.

Third Party Lab Report Percentage

Other Cannabinoids

The lab report should also identify the presence of other compounds. For example, in a full-spectrum CBD oil product, the lab report should identify the concentration of cannabinoids like: THC, CBG, CBN and the presence of terpenes.

Full Spectrum Lab Report

Harmful Compounds

Another important thing that the lab report should verify is the presence of potentially harmful compounds. These include compounds like heavy metals, microbes and pesticides.

Heavy Metal Report

Where To Find The Report

When you get to the brand’s website, just look for the place they have the lab reports on them. A lot of times it will be linked from the actual product page or there will be another link on there you can click on to get the lab reports.

Another way could be to scan a QR code, that is usually available on the side of the box that the product is packaged in. Just hold your smartphone, scan the code, and it will take on directly to the lab report of that particular product and batch. 

Final Thoughts

We recommend you to buy CBD products from manufacturers who make their certificates of analysis (COA) available on their website. These reports will guarantee that the product is safe and contains the advertised amount of CBD. If the company doesn’t provide lab reports, you should consider another brand. 

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