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Each individual’s response to cannabinoids varies according to several different factors including genetics, dose, environment, tolerance, and others. Ultimately, the best potency CBD oil for anxiety is the one that works best for your needs and circumstances.

The dose is more important than potency. To find the right dose for you, start with small doses and slowly increase over two weeks’ time until you’ve reached the desired effect.

Take CBD oil for anxiety as needed at the moment to reduce the stress-related effects of anxiety. Taking CBD tincture under the tongue (sublingual administration) is a fast-acting method of taking CBD oil for anxiety.

Take small doses of CBD oil twice daily for regular support and relief from anxiety. Over time your needs may change as your anxiety responds to the effect of cannabinoids balancing the endocannabinoid system.

The fastest-acting method of taking CBD for anxiety is inhalation, followed by sublingual administration, or holding it under the tongue. These two methods offer fast-acting relief, but compared to ingestion of CBD capsules, softgels, or edibles, the effect doesn’t last as long.

For immediate relief, consider higher potencies taken under the tongue.

Since each person has a unique response to cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, there is no one size fits all answer to taking CBD oil for anxiety. People that pick THC-free CBD oil are typically either very sensitive to cannabinoids and THC or prefer to avoid THC for personal reasons such as drug testing.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil provides a range of naturally occurring compounds, including THC, that can help to activate the entourage effect – a synergistic amplification of the beneficial properties of cannabinoids.

You can take CBD for anxiety as frequently as needed. There is a point where taking more CBD won’t provide you more relief. It’s typically best to wait an hour or two before taking more CBD for optimal results.

Take small doses throughout the day as needed to help maintain a healthy balanced endocannabinoid system and to manage stress-related anxiety.

While CBD isn’t formulated to treat or cure any type of anxiety, it helps to support the healthy functioning of the endocannabinoid system. This effect makes it easier to self-regulate stress and anxiety.