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CBD Water Soluble

Water-soluble CBD works best when mixed or infused with drinks and beverages. Since the CBD is nano encapsulated it doesn’t separate from the liquids in drinks, making it easy to add to tea, coffee, smoothies, juices, cocktails, and more.

Use CBD-infused beverages to enhance your wellbeing and experiences any time day or night. Generally, regular CBD oil is reserved for cooking when using other oils, fats, and butter.

Whether you should use CBD powder versus water-soluble CBD oil in workout shakes and smoothies depends on your CBD needs and preferences. CBD powder is typically 99% pure CBD. If you need larger doses of CBD, then CBD in isolate or powder form may be the best choice.

Water-soluble CBD in tinctures and other forms typically provides between 10mg-50mg of CBD per serving depending on the potency.

Yes, you can mix water-soluble CBD with alcohol to make cocktails. You can find flavored water-soluble CBD to make your cocktails on our list of best water-soluble CBD products. How do you make CBD cocktails? Just add 10mg-25mg to your favorite cocktail or mocktail and voila!

How strongly CBD affects each person varies individually. It is thought that a higher amount of CBD is absorbed from the water-soluble form due to the nature of metabolization. Ultimately, the potency and effect of CBD in any form depends on a variety of different factors such as dose, environment, tolerance, genetics, and more.

The best potency will be the one that has the best effect fit for your needs. When serving CBD cocktails or mocktails, dosages typically start around 10mg-25mg. You can achieve this level of potency with any size water-soluble product.

If you use CBD daily for health and wellness, buying a larger size product or a more potent product may make more sense in terms of getting more for money in the long run.