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Subscription Service Pharmorganics

What Does the Science Say on CBD?

Modified Date: November 8, 2019

How do you feel about natural wellness?

This year has seen a surprising uptick to interest in CBD. Everybody wants to try Cannabidiol. Even people you never expected to, like your grandparents! Even your pet wants to give CBD a try!

Pain, Inflammation, Sleep Issues, Anxiety… evidence suggests CBD could help regulate all this and more. Does CBD really work on these issues?

Advocates would undoubtedly tell you yes!

Fans of natural wellness are choosing to use a daily dose of CBD for natural relief to inflammation and anxiety.  Pharm Organics is helping out with their “FastPharm” monthly subscription service, making sure you get the CBD bundle you need and never worry about running out!

The list of health issues people says CBD helps may just go on forever. But what exactly is research discovering?


A Better World with CBD.

It’s amazing how quickly the world can change.

With the approval of a certain 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the growth of U.S. Industrial Hemp the doors were spread wide open.

Now — from smoothies to supplements to pizza — everybody is in on the CBD!

…But not everybody is doing it right.

In their hunt for research, Pharm Organics has learned about the shifty dealings that finger-crossing CBD salesmen are trying to pass for a quick buck.

From selling cooking oil as “Cannabis Sativa Oil” to flat out lying about product contents, misleading companies are trying everything they can.

In this world there’s only one tool against misinformation – Science of course!

While individual states are trying to figure out Cannabis laws in light of the spreading legalization, it seems CBD itself will remain unregulated for the next year or so.

The official research still needs to come in before the government can officially weigh in, but the good news? Preliminary results are extremely positive and the NIH is putting more money into CBD research than ever before!

This year alone the National Institute of Health is projected to spend $20 Million on researching the effects of CBD. Just 5 years ago, funding for CBD research was at a reported $0!

Guess scientists can’t get enough of CBD. What a great world to live in.


Companies Stand Out by Being Transparent.

The compound Cannabidiol is itself fully legal in all 50 states and completely different to the intoxicating/psychoactive THC.

With no guidance from the FDA, it’s up to manufacturers to decide how much information they want to share with consumers..

Companies like Pharm Organics are quickly realizing that being open with the details is the most mutually beneficial way to stand out in this crowded CBD world.

Packaging is one thing. Knowing through an official 3rd party lab verified report that your CBD is both THC-free and pesticide free is a whole different ball game.

From farm to the label, they fully test safety, potency, and effectiveness, passing on these results through their detailed lab reports.

After their product passes rigorous standards, they then take their process a step further by offering a monthly CBD subscription that sends your choice directly to your door, right on schedule.

Thousands of people are finding a daily CBD routine helps their wellbeing in a natural way. Make sure you always have the CBD you need!


What Does the Science Say Exactly?

Epidiolex was recently approved by the FDA, a CBD derived oral solution for rare forms of epilepsy. In fact, this cannabis derived product is the first FDA approved treatment of patients with Dravet syndrome!

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp, any Cannabis product under %0.03 THC can be considered a fully legal dietary supplement. Another great reason for manufacturers to thoroughly test their products,


The Key Is Consistency

We’re still waiting for the official research to catch up, but while that happens preliminary research is showing that CBD naturally suppresses inflammation.

The best part is it does this without side effects like kidney damage that NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen can do.


Why mess with a good thing?

CBD is being hailed as a natural relief to long-term pain and anxiety, and a solution that works beyond the temporary.

That’s why Pharm Organics offers a Monthly Subscription Service to your favorite CBD products!

If you’re one of the thousands of users finding natural relief through CBD, you want a product that delivers with consistency.

Those gummies advertising an astounding amount of CBD? They are probably misrepresenting their contents and more than likely you’re paying a premium for regular old candy.

In short, you can try bouncing from an on-sale product to another, but you’ll never really know what you’re getting.


Choose a company that earns your trust!

Pharm Organics was founded by a U.S. Military Veteran and they prioritize building a trusting relationship with their advocates. From the detailed lab reports they share, to their thoroughly researched blog, Pharm Organics does everything they can to keep you informed.

Then, they take it up a notch with their actual products, offering you CBD Oils and Salves, capsules and even CBD dog treats!

They are committed to offering you consistency. That’s why their FastPharm Monthly Subscription Service is built to send your CBD product directly to your door as scheduled. No worries about refills ever again!

Talk about worry-free natural relief.

You get exactly what you need every month AND they pledge to donate a portion of the sale to help military veterans find the treatments they need.

Never worry about a refill again! A simple click and you’ll practically become a CBD prophet, knowing exactly when you next bottle of CBD softgels or Doggy CBD treats will appear.

Thanks to their detailed lab reports on exactly WHAT you’re getting and — thanks to the subscription — you’ll know exactly WHEN you’re getting it!

Pharm Organics Monthly CBD Subscription Service



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